Volite by Juvederm











Juverderm Volite by Allergan is a hyaluronic-based injectable filler formulated to improve skin quality. Using patented Vycross™technology, the hyaluronic acid content in Volite helps in locking in the moisture within the skin and stimulating collagen. Besides hydrating deeply, Volite’s conditioning gel increases skin density to improve texture and both lifts and tightens the skin. The end result is smoother, rejuvenated and luminous skin.

Unlike regular skinboosters which requires 3 sessions within 3 months, a standalone session of Volite is formulated to last up to 9 months. It is injected intradermally and contains lidocaine (which acts as an anaesthesia) for the comfort of the patients. There is minimal downtime for Volite and patients can resume their usual activities the next day.

Volite is commonly injected on the face, neck, décolletage and neck. It is suitable for anyone and all skin types. Younger patients tackling the problem of early signs of aging or older patients looking to soften facial lines can enjoy Volite’s benefits.