Surgical and Non-Surgical Facelift Methods

Facelifts have become more common on a yearly basis. The medical practice of de-aging one’s face has undergone many adaptations and upgrades which increase its success rate and popularity. The main question people have is what form of a facelift is best suited to them? While this question does require an answer from within yourself, we can give you a basic rundown of the main types of facelift procedure. Continue reading if you wish to learn about the more common facelift options.

Mini-Surgical Facelift

A mini-surgical facelift requires minor incisions on your face. This method is best for patients who have only a mild degree of jowling or sagging skin. The mini-surgical facelift technique requires minimal invasiveness and allows you to recover quite quickly. The surgeon will make small incisions, usually along the hairline above each ear or the natural creases surrounding it, and lift your sagging skin from there. The skin tissue that can be lifted with this kind of incision lies around the cheeks and your jawline. This method’s purpose is best described as a means to rejuvenate a tired appearance by removing small wrinkles and sagging cheeks. It can also affect your neckline. Most often, you will receive this treatment with a local anaesthetic injection, though some people choose to have general anaesthesia as well. This method will in a sense slow the aging process.

Standard Surgical Facelift

A standard surgical facelift is more intense than a mini-surgical facelift. This is the more traditional type of facelift and will have more effect on the anti-aging process. The recovery time for this method is more than twice that of the mini-surgical method. This is because in a standard surgical facelift, the surgeon will make incisions on your hairline; but instead of just cutting around your ear, the surgeon will cut from the ear up to your temple region. Because the incisions are more intense, the effects are also more drastic. This method can smooth crease, eliminate sagging skin, and restore your natural youthful glow. The average anti-aging effect from this method is between 7-10 years of anti-aging. It requires a couple of weeks for recovery, but once you are feeling better, people will have to look twice to recognize your new face.

Non-Surgical Sygmalift Method

Instead of making incisions, the non-surgical Sygmalift method uses a high intensity focused ultrasound cold laser of 635nm and Trimicro focal ultrasound to achieve the same lifting effect as a surgical method. This method can remove wrinkles and sagging skin in the same way that the surgical process can and without any surgeon needing to cut your face at all. The procedure is done in three separate sessions each around one week apart. After the three sessions are complete, you will notice the full skin tightening effect after one or two months. The main advantages of this method are that you will not experience any pain or discomfort and you will not be required to pay special attention to your facial recovery for one or two weeks as you would with the surgical methods. Another advantage is that the Sygmalift method is repeatable, meaning that you can simply return and have it again with no discomfort and rejuvenate your face again.