V-Shaped Look


Achieve the results with these following treatments!

An ideal female face is heart-shaped or oval in contour. A square face due to bulky masseters (the muscles that are involved in chewing) often has a negative influence on female beauty. On the other hand, with age, there will be changes in the skin and underlying structures such as the facial muscles, fat and bone. The chin may recede due to bony resorption and the muscles around the chin become hyperactive (leading to a pebbly chin or peau d’orange appearace) These changes often make individuals feel tired, unattractive and convey negative emotional expression to those around. Thankfully, there are different treatments used to achieve a slimmer youthful look to the lower face depending on the underlying cause.

BTX-A (Botulinum Toxin A):

Bulky Masseters. The cause can be genetic, excessive habitual chewing of foodstuff (e.g. nuts) or psychological habit of jaw clenching (bruxism). The muscles are hypertrophied (bulky), and leads to a ‘square’ face appearance. Often more common in East Asians, there are thankfully non-surgical treatments to address this- BTX-A injections into the masseter muscles to reduce muscle bulk, and to restore facial harmony, are both safe and effective. BTX-A can also be used to relax the facial muscles that are hyperactive e.g.chin area. In fact, when used in combination with fillers, the effects are longer lasting.


The fillers we use are made of a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. Fillers not only help to smooth out wrinkles, but can also restore lost volume, and add projection to the facial area (e.g.chin), thereby contouring the facial shape, achieving that V-look. Fillers feel natural, have a high safety profile, and side effects are minimal.

Skin tightening:

If the main problem is with skin laxity, there are modalities to tighten the skin, such as Thermage and Ulthera. Essentially, old collagen is reorganized and new collagen growth is stimulated (neocollagenesis). Results often improve in the coming months due to continued collagen remodelling!