Cooperation of Ultrasounds and Laser for Sygmalift

Sygmalift is a unique form of facelift method in that it uses three different devices to complete the procedure. Each device is capable of completing a certain portion of the process in order to create a whole procedure. The three devices used are called a ‘High Fractional Focused Ultrasound’, a ‘Multi Flux Ultrasound’, and a ‘Cold Laser’. Sygmalift is a non-surgical, ultrasound procedure in which the surgeon will determine the areas that require treatment using an ultrasound instead of making incisions like they would in surgical facelifts. Continue reading to learn of the three devices and their complementary functions.

High Fractional Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU)

The High Fractional Focused Ultrasound is the first and most important device in the Sygmalift procedure. After applying the cold gel to your face, the surgeon can use this HIFU to observe the inside of your skin structure. They will be able to see all your skin layers and the various levels of treatment necessary in each one. With this device, they will be able to localise treatment locations in your jaw, cheeks, chin, and mouth. They will then be able to oxygenate the tissues in your jaw, forehead, cheeks, and chin, as well as reorient the fibres within to tighten the skin on those facial features. The mouth and forehead are not targeted by the HIFU specifically. The HIFU also increases collagen production in those facial features.

Multi Flux Ultrasounds

The Multi Flux Ultrasound focuses on the mouth, forehead, and eyes. This device is more precise than the HIFU as it is designed to remove wrinkles and stress lines. The HIFU is still linked with the Multi Flux Ultrasound, however, as it was what determined the needed treatment locations. The Multi Flux Ultrasound will reorient the fibres in your forehead, eyes, and mouth to remove wrinkles and give each a sharper look. Your eyes and eyebrows will be lifted to make you look more energized and awake, while your mouth will be stretched up and out to give you that wide smile you miss so dearly. Your forehead will likely still retain some of its wrinkles, but they will be lessened if not fully removed to give you that youthful glow you used to have.

Cold Laser

The cold laser is a prominent figure throughout the procedure. Through both ultrasound procedures, the cold laser will be active at times to strengthen your skin fibres, enhance the rate of collagen synthesis, and speed up the process of the entire facelift procedure. The cold laser is also designed to target each layer of your skin and rejuvenate its youthful glow. The laser will give your skin a lighter appearance as well as remove excess pigment. It also rejuvenates the underlying fibres in your dermis skin layer to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment. The main purpose of the laser is to enhance the ability of the ultrasounds and regenerate your skin tissue back to its youthful form.