Ultherapy Methodology

The Ultherapy face lift procedure is one of the least invasive procedures known today. It is a non-surgical procedure and requires no incisions or injections. The procedure is most popular because it requires very little effort and has no post-treatment side effects, allowing you to carry on with your day straight after the procedure. The ease of use and effective results are the key to this treatment’s popularity. Nobody likes needles or sharp pointy knives either, so this procedure is great for a relaxing treatment. Read on to learn more about the Ultherapy face lift procedure.

Procedures of UITherapy
UItherapy, journey to a flawless you

How it Works

First, a cold gel is placed on the area that is to be treated. After the gel has been applied an ultrasound device is placed over the area. The device then sees through the layers of your skin and projects the image onto a screen which your surgeon is able to observe. Upon viewing the screen, the surgeon will know exactly what areas require treatment. The surgeon will then proceed to use the device to emit ultrasound waves at the treatable areas. The ultrasound waves will energize the collagen cells as well as increase the production of collagen in your skin. The increase in collagen density will cause your skin to tighten up on its own without the need to stretch it surgically. This tightening effect will cause your skin to become smooth and will cause any sagging skin to be lifted. The ultrasound waves also tend to brighten your skin, giving you a young, vibrant look.

When Will I Start Seeing Results?

Ultherapy takes longer than most surgical facelift procedures. The typical patient is required to undergo two or three sessions once a week before any effect can be noticed. The collagen in your skin will continue to increase for anywhere up to six months. You will see progress over time, usually starting after the second week. After one or two months, your skin should be tight and smooth.

Who is Eligible for this Procedure?

Anyone can use this procedure as the ultrasound device targets specific spots under your skin’s surface. The treatment works for all, regardless of age, gender, or skin tone. The only factor that you need concern yourself with is the level of sagging skin you have. If your skin is heavily sagging, this treatment may not be able to fully control it. Also if you wish to deal with skin impurities you should look at a different treatment as this one does not deal with those.



After the treatment is complete, you will not have to do anything different from normal. You can simply walk out and carry on with your day. The only possible side effect which a few patients have experienced is slight redness in the treated area. This should subside within one or two hours.