What Makes Ultherapy so Popular?

Ultherapy is a relatively new facelift method. Regardless of its young invention, it has already become one of the most popular facelift procedures around the world. There are a number of unique attributes akin to this method that gives it such a high worldwide rating. The procedure itself is both quick and efficient with virtually no risk at all. Ultherapy uses an ultrasound device to send energy into the very roots of your skin, improving collagen production and rejuvenating your skin naturally. What is it that makes this procedure more popular than others with those same abilities? Read on to find out.


Anyone can Use it

One of the many wonders about Ultherapy is that it does not directly target or affect the surface of your skin. The fact that it avoids directly targeting your skin means that it does not matter how healthy one’s skin is, nor does it matter what age or gender you are. Any and all can use this treatment without risk. Regardless of this fact, the procedure does work best on those who have slightly sagging skin, rather than heavily sagging skin. While Ultherapy doesn’t produce the same results as a surgical procedure, it is a fantastic substitute for the earlier stages of ‘skin relaxation’ and can prevent the development of heavily sagging skin in the future.


It is Harmless and Non-Invasive


Ultherapy does not produce any form of side effects, except for the occasional redness of  skin for an hour or two. The majority of patients who have undergone the procedure have had no complaint at all. The procedure itself is not painful at all. There is a slight sense of discomfort when the energy is first introduced into your skin, however, the feeling means that your collagen cells are reproducing and re-training the laxity of your skin cells. This effect rejuvenates the tightening ability of your skin cells, naturally removing sagging skin. The full procedure is non-invasive in that it does not require any injections or incisions. The ultrasound is solely used to expose energy into the skin without forcefully piercing it.


Results still Occur Relatively Fast


While Ultherapy does not have the instant results of a surgical method, you will start to see results fairly quickly. The rejuvenation process begins after the first treatment. For some this one treatment is enough to fully complete the process, however, most require two or even three sessions. Each session is between 30 to 60 minutes in length and does not require you to have any recovery period afterward, meaning you can continue with your day as normal. Typically you will begin to see results in the second week after your first session. The results will be small at first, but you should notice some colour returning to your skin, not to mention your skin should feel slightly tighter. Within two or three months the full effect of the treatments should be visible. Your skin should have tightened to the same point that it was around seven years prior to your treatment, as well as the skin colour and tone should have improved drastically. Essentially, you will look younger, happier, and just plain better.