An alternative to surgical face lift, Sygmalift uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) with cold laser. It gives one facial harmony without being invasive and without downtime. The five levels of power permit the ultrasound waves to reach varying depths of the tissue hence targeting the right areas for the optimal results. The first signs of ageing- facial lines and folds, specifically in Nasolobial folds can be made less prominent upon 1-3 Sygmalift sessions. Through the process, Fractional Focal Ultrasound disrupts cell membrane adipose, restores normal circulation, eliminates waste and creates a volume reduction which in turn reduces the fat volume. The overall effect improves the appearance of the double chin, and a more defined jawline. Lastly, Circular Flux Ultrasound induces new collagen production by rapid collagen remodelling.

Who is Sygmalift HIFU for?

While it is safe for all ages and skin types, it is best for those who are looking to correct saggy skin. Patients 40 to 50 years old who are considering a face lift or those in their late 20s onwards looking for a sharper V-line. What is the purpose of low level laser light in Sygmalift HIFU? This brings about a biostimulation effect which energizes the tissues for oxygenation and faster epithelial cell turnover. As such, the skin’s healing process is sped up and collagen tissues are stimulated for skin rejuvenation. Key Points of Sygmalift HIFU – Painless, no downtime – Treatment time- 15 to 30 mins, according to area treated – Precision targeting of tissue depth. – Combination therapy using ultrasound and laser – Unique solution for sub mental fat, facial lifting and rejuvenation. – Medical-grade treatment for wrinkles and saggy skin – Progressive results within 40 days

Benefits of Sygmalift HIFU:

– Wrinkle & Fine Line Reduction

– Enhanced V-line Appearance

– Neck Lift

– Tauter & youthful skin tone

– Obvious pore size improvement

– Double chin removal

How many sessions is needed?

Ideally a total of 3 sessions with session done monthly. Maintenance sessions should be done every 6 months.

Can I do Sygmalift HIFU with other treatments?

It is advisable that Sygmalift be kept separate from injectables with a minimum of 2 weeks interval.

What’s the difference between Thermage and Sygmalift HIFU?

Thermage utilizes monopolar radiofrequency to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen deep beneath through the heating effect. Whereas Sygmalift uses HIFU (High Intensity focused Ultrasound) technology, which intersects beams of energy with precision on a target depth in the skin tissue. While both Thermage and Sygmalift bring about similar skin tightening and firming action, individuals doing Thermage will require a moderate pain threshold as compared to the painless Sygmalift. Duration-wise, Thermage must be done yearly for best results while Sygmalift is usually recommended once a month and three sessions for optimal effects.

What is the cost of Sygmalift in Singapore? 

The cost of Sygmalift HIFU usually depends on the treatment area and can start from $300 for the eye area to $700 for the full face.   Sygmalift HIFU treatments are available at The Chelsea Clinic.