What Makes Sygmalift Better than Other Facelift Options?

The Sygmalift is a new form of non-surgical facelift procedure. The procedure involves the use of an ultrasound with a cold laser instead of making surgical incisions on the hairline of the patient. Many who have tried this procedure have concluded that it is much more efficient than other methods they or those they know have tried. There are a few main reasons that cause Sygmalift to be better than other facelift options. Read on to find out what they are.

Sygmalift tightens and firms the skin
Sygmalift tightens and firms the skin, call now to enquire.

The Procedure is Painless

The ultrasound and the laser will not cause you any pain or discomfort at all. In regular surgical facelifts, you will experience discomfort and pain for anywhere up to two weeks. When using Sygmalift you will not experience any discomfort or pain at all, both during the procedure and afterwards.

No Recovery Time Needed

With typical facelift methods, you will need a recovery period of anywhere between one week to four weeks. The Sygmalift facelift procedure leaves you with no scars or cuts to recover from. The procedure itself is very relaxing and painless. As soon as it is complete, you can walk out and carry on with your day. When using a surgical facelift method, you will be required to take at least a week off work, as well as use antibiotics and take lots of rest. When it comes to the non-surgical Sygmalift method you won’t even need to take one day off work and will be able to stick to your usual schedule. All you will be required to do is set aside one hour of your time each week for three weeks.

Precise Targeting of Tissue Layers

One of the best qualities of the Sygmalift procedure is the five levels of power that the ultrasound can produce. Each level produces an ultrasound wave that reaches deeper into the skin layers. When a surgeon uses the ultrasound device, they can see what layers require treatment. Upon observing where each treatment is required, the surgeon can adjust the power level to alter the ultrasound waves to target the exact Fine Line Reduction

  • Enhanced V-line Appearance
  • Neck Lift
  • Tauter & more youthful skin tone
  • Obvious pore size improvement
  • Double chin removal


All these things can be achieved in three sessions. After the three sessions are complete, all you have to do is come for a follow-up session every six months to keep your face looking young and radiant. All this can be done without a single needle or incision and is one hundred percent safe.