Details on the Risk-Free Sygmalift Procedure

Who Benefits Most from Sygmalift?

Sygmalift can be used by anyone of any age. The most beneficial clients are those looking to correct saggy skin. Generally, this is best accomplished when you are in your 40s as this is the time when your skin starts to sag in an obvious fashion, more often than not. Younger clients can also benefit from Sygmalift as it is capable of giving your face that globally desired sharp V-line. In the end, Sygmalift has three main focuses; modelling your focal lines, lifting saggy skin, and rejuvenating your skin with a younger tone and glow.

Advantages and Benefits

Sygmalift has a large variety of advantages that are not all present in other facelift procedures. Some of the Sygmalift’s major advantages are as follows:

  • Painless, no downtime
  • Treatment time- 15 to 30 mins, according to area treated
  • Precision targeting of tissue depth.
  • Combination therapy using ultrasound and laser
  • A unique solution for sub mental fat, facial lifting, and rejuvenation.
  • Medical-grade treatment for wrinkles and saggy skin
  • Progressive results within 40 days

Although the results do take a few weeks longer to fully show compared with a surgical facelift, you don’t have to waste all that time recovering from the incisions, nor do you need to take any time off at all. You can literally walk in for your treatment session, walk out after your treatment session, and then carry on about your day as if nothing was different.

Side Effects

Sygmalift has no side effects to speak of. There is no direct correlation between Sygmalift treatment and any negative side effect that may occur. The only thing that we recommend you stay aware of is that your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight for the rest of that day. We recommend that you keep out of direct sunlight, either with a hat or sunscreen, as well as apply moisturizer to your face twice a day.

Difference Between Thermage and Sygmalift

Thermage is also a non-surgical facelift procedure. Thermage and Sygmalift have only that in common, however. Thermage uses radiofrequency to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen deep in your dermis through its heating effect. Sygmalift, on the other hand, utilizes the ultrasound device which allows you to pinpoint the exact location of necessary treatment and direct the laser to that exact place. Thermage also causes pain whereas Sygmalift is safe and painless.