Got a big belly?

A big belly is not only unsightly, it also rings alarm bells of an unhealthy lifestyle with a high risk of health hazards. This can give way to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and can increase the rate of infertility. ReduStim is an obesity treatment that combines low frequency magnetic fields and controlled micro-pressure to reduce abdominal fat and trim the waistline. During the treatment, one will put on a special suit connected to a device to emit electromagnetic energy to target both subcutaneous (what you can pinch) and visceral (deep abdominal) fat.

When abdominal fat should be a cause for concern.

Anyone who is carrying excess fat around the stomach and midriff area should be concerned for their health. Subcutaneous fat sits under the skin and is usually visible. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sometimes genetics, can contribute to the build-up of subcutaneous fat. On the other hand, visceral fat refers to deeply situated abdominal fat that surround’s one’s vital organs. Some levels of visceral fat are normal but too much can result in health problems such as insulin resistance (diabetes), inflammation, and heart diseases. One is considered to have abdominal obesity if one’s waist circumference is higher than 88cm for women and 102cm for men.

How does ReduStim works?

ReduStim takes the form of a device linked to a bodysuit that covers the body, from feet up to the abdomen. The suit contains six inductors that transfer magnetic energy to the specific target areas (calves, outer thighs, knee and abdomen). During the 30 minutes session, two actions take place simultaneously:

  • Main action- The emission of biomagnetic field stimulates the release of abdominal (visceral) fat.
  • Secondary action- An upward pressure is exerted to stimulate the body’s biological lipolysis mechanism. This facilitates body drain and the elimination of toxins.

Who should consider ReduStim?

  • Overweight or obese patients
  • Patients suffering from health problems such as infertility, obesity, diabetes due to the high percentage of visceral fat.
  • Patients dissatisfied with post-natal obesity

Recommended treatment program

Overweight people: A total of 12 30-minutes sessions with 2-3 sessions done per week. Obese people: A total of 12 45-minutes sessions with 2-3 sessions done per week. Along with a session of ReduStim, physical activity is recommended as this allows for the direct trigger of the contraction of most skeletal muscles, hence accentuating fat lipolysis in the body.

Will the fat return?

With proper dietary management and ReduStim maintenance session once a month (optional), you can keep your fat percentage under control. A healthy meal plan consisting of food that help to increase your metabolism and moderate exercise should also be put into action.

What are the contraindications?

We do not recommend ReduStim for these patients:

  • Pregnant women
  • Patients suffering in skin injuries or skin conditions
  • Pacemaker carriers

Also, other contraindications concerning the micropressure function of the device includes:

  • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
  • Infections (erysipelas, lymphangitis)
  • Arteriopathy (disease of the artery)
  • Untreated heart problems
  • Clotting disorders

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