PicoSure Laser

Youthful skin is not out of reach with the invention of PicoSure laser. Using patented technology, cell signally processes are gently activated by unique wavelengths of light without burning or damaging the skin. Imagine a single pigment as a boulder. PicoSure energy hits the boulder, shattering it into little pebbles. With each treatment, the pebbles are further splintered into smaller atoms before getting carried away by the blood stream and eliminated by the body.

Skin Rejuvenation

Through its unique energy delivery, PicoSure focuses on patients who are seeking for ways to improve their skin or reduce signs of ageing. While it differs from tradition laser treatments with risks, pain and downtime, PicoSure gently treats pigmented and discoloured conditions with the highest energy. Wrinkles, age lines and acne scars are improved with Focus lens. Unlike the other lasers with similar results, PicoSure does not use heat to burn away skin for forced healing.

PicoSure’s technology is in tattoo removal

Picosecond pulse creates an intense photomechanical impact known as PressureWave™. Very swiftly, PressureWave™ shatters the target particles. Each burst occurs in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). This process results in target clearance for colours such as red, orange and yellow with fewer treatments and less fluence, without injury to the surrounding skin. The treatment of stubborn dark, blue and green inks or previously treated but unsuccessful tattoos is also possible with PicoSure.

PicoSure for Asian skin and Pigmentation

PicoSure Laser is a safe and effective method when it comes to dealing with skin discolouration, fine lines, dark spots or scars without any harsh side effects on Asian skin. Skin pigmentation is defined as a concentrated and localised area of increased pigmentation usually caused by exposure to the sun. Freckles, sun or age spots, scars and melasma caused by hormonal changes mostly affect the face and décolletage. PicoSure can give excellent results when treating skin pigmentation. Unsightly spots removed can give way to noticeably clearer complexion and better skin texture.

Different pulse for different responses

Tough inks require variable pressure for clearance. PicoSure increases pressure on ink particles by reducing the width

from 750ps to 550ps.




Proprietary Focus™ Lens Array. 

An array of diffractive lenses focuses and redistributes each pulse, therefore concentrating energy into hundreds of microspots. PressureWaves™ are then circulated into the skin dermis, renewing collagen and elastin production. There will be a noticeable change in the texture and softness of the skin. This treatment is especially effective for acne scars and fine lines.

What is the downtime?

1-3 hours of mild redness immediately after the laser. However, overall there is no thermal injury to the dermis and hence, minimal downtime. You can resume with normal day to day activities but for 24 hours do avoid activities that stimulates facial heating such as exercising.










PicoSure Advantages

• Clinically proven performance, reliability and versatility

• FDA clearances: Tattoo, Pigment, Wrinkles, Acne Scarring • Treatment for Melasma

• Promotes skin rejuvenation

• Minimal discomfort and little or no downtime

• High patient satisfaction

• Suitable for all skin types

PicoSure VS other traditional non-ablative lasers

Traditional lasers often use photothermal action to deliver heat to the pigment and surrounding tissues. Whereas PicoSure patented PressureWave™ technology shatters the pigments into tiny particles that can be naturally and easily eliminated by the body. Furthermore, PicoSure’s short pulse width hits the dermis faster than traditional lasers utilizing nanosecond technology. In fact, half the fluence is required compared to say, a Q-switched laser which exercises slow pulse. Less complications of burning, scarring and pigmentary issues are also associated with PicoSure laser. Due to such breakthrough technologies and (almost) painless delivery, statistics have shown improved patient satisfaction rates for PicoSure as compared to other lasers like fractional Co2 or dual yellow laser in the market.

Price of Pico Laser in Singapore?

The price of Pico Laser in Singapore starts from $500/session. Want to know more? Fill up this form or drop us a whatsapp by clicking on the icon.

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