Why PicoSure Laser Treatment is the Best

Although traditional laser treatments have been around for many years, the newest PicoSure Laser treatment has been met with far more positivity than they could ever have dreamed off. The PicoSure Laser treatment has so many advantages that make it better than the older styles of laser treatment it was almost difficult to choose which ones to mention. PicoSure is the first laser treatment method that is designed to remove impurities from your skin without burning them directly. For more information on why we consider PicoSure Laser treatment to be the best in its field, continue reading.

PicoSure Patented PressureWave Technology

The traditional lasers use a method called photothermal action to deliver heat to the pigment and surrounding tissues. This then effectively burns off the pigment and leaves the skin to heal itself. The PicoSure Laser treatment uses a method known as patented PressureWave technology. The laser will direct energy to a specific location and disperse the energy through hundreds of micro locations. Once distributed, the energy forms PressureWaves which shatter the pigments into tiny particles. Once it has shattered the pigments into small enough particles, those particles are able to be naturally removed by the body. This method allows the PicoSure Laser to remove pigments without the need to burn off your skin.

PicoSure’s Short Pulse Width

Traditional lasers utilize nanosecond technology to penetrate the skin layers. While nanosecond technology is very fast, it is not fast enough. This technology only allows for the penetration of the skin after a significant amount of heat has been introduced to your epidermal skin layers, causing the burning effect on the surface of your skin. PicoSure can direct energy, in short, quicker pulses in picoseconds, or trillionths of a second. This short pulse width method allows the PicoSure Laser to bypass the epidermal layers and head straight into the dermal skin layers underneath. Instead of affecting the surface of your skin the PicoSure Laser is able to reach the roots of your skin and increase the production of your collagen and elastin. This also allows the laser to target pigments directly without affecting the healthy skin surrounding it.

PicoSure has Fewer Complications than Traditional Lasers

The methods that PicoSure Laser treatments make use of are far more efficient and accurate than methods previously used. The traditional treatments occasionally cause various complications, such as burning, scarring, and pigmentary issues. PicoSure Laser treatment is almost never associated with any of these complications. The only possible side effect of PicoSure is a slight redness of the skin for a few hours. Even this side effect lasts for just a short duration and doesn’t really impair the patient at all.

High Patient Satisfaction

Finally, we consider PicoSure Laser treatment to be the best because of the high satisfaction rate from our patients. We make sure to focus on what makes our patient’s happy and improve on those things. When it comes to PicoSure Laser treatment, the positive feedback is astounding. Our patients have been so happy with it that there is nothing more to be done to improve on it. The procedure is quick, easy, painless, and effective. What more could anyone ask from it?