What Makes the PicoSure Laser so Great?

Anyone who has been interested in cleaning up the impurities on their skin recently has likely heard of the PicoSure Laser by now. The revolutionary laser treatment has such high ratings that its fame has spread throughout the world in a very short amount of time. There are numerous reasons that the PicoSure Laser treatment has become famous so quickly, but we have managed to narrow it down to the most influential reasons. If you are interested in cleaning up your skin or you’re simply interested in this new laser treatment, then continue reading.

Good Results in a Shorter Time

The PicoSure Laser does not target the skin’s surface directly. It uses a PressureWave method to directly target the pigments within your skin and break them down into smaller particles. Those particles are then eliminated naturally by your own body without the need to burn it off your skin directly. This allows you to see results much sooner than with traditional laser treatment methods. Not only are the results faster than with traditional methods, but they are better results. Traditional methods will burn the pigments off the surface of your skin which may or may not heal back perfectly. The PicoSure Laser treatment removes the pigment in a more refined and natural way, allowing your skin to be cleansed without the need to heal itself. This allows your skin to be much healthier and evenly toned, as well as appear younger.

PicoSure can Remove Deep Tattoos

One of the strongest and most popular uses for PicoSure Laser treatment is the desire to remove a deep tattoo. These tattoos are often formed using darker colours that traditional laser treatments are unable to remove. This is because those ink particles are buried in the dermal skin layers which the traditional laser cannot treat as it would cause your too much burn damage to your skin. PicoSure is able to target the ink particles directly, no matter what skin layer they are in. It can direct pulse waves into a more localised spot, increasing the amount energy focused into each particle. Using this method, the PicoSure Laser treatment is able to break down the ink particles until they are small enough to be eliminated naturally by the body itself. This allows you to have your deep tattoos removed and still does not damage your skin. If you have attempted and failed to have deep tattoos removed with traditional methods, PicoSure Laser treatment can remove those too.

Efficiently and Naturally Cleans Your Skin

The PicoSure Laser treatment is able to clean almost any kind of impurity from your skin without causing any damage. Some of the major things that PicoSure Laser treatment can treat are acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted pigments, and tattoos of any kind. Using non-intrusive and risk-free means, PicoSure can remove any of these impurities without causing any need for post-treatment recovery. Not only that, but it can all be accomplished in a single one-hour session.