Nose Threadlift

The Nose Threadlift is the latest procedure when it comes to nose lifts. Many people desire to have that high, straight nose with a defined tip. However, the problem most people are having is that they do not wish to undergo a rhinoplasty or fillers augmentation. The reason for this is that those procedures require deep incisions and injections which many people are not fond of. A Nose Threadlift allows you to have the nose you desire without the need for those surgical procedures. Due to these advantages, the Nose Threadlift has gained a large amount of popularity in a reasonably short amount of time. If you wish to learn more about the Nose Threadlift, then read on.

How does it Work?

The Nose Threadlift utilizes advanced polydioxanoe 3-dimensionally barbed threads. The threads are placed under your skin to improve the contour of the nose. The effects involve the elevation of your nose bridge as well as the stimulation of collagen formation to lift and support the contour of your nose. Most often, the treatment will be performed under local anaesthesia to make your treatment comfortable and painless. This also allows the patient to remain awake and observe the procedure. The full procedure will most often take 15-30 minutes. The number of threads used will depend on the desire of the patient and the doctor’s professional decision. The doctor will then pull the threads up until your skin is at the desired tightness. Once there, the doctor will tie off the threads. The results will be immediately visible and the doctor will explain to you what you need to look out for post-treatment.

Possible Side Effects

The Nose Threadlift procedure is very safe. It is in fact regarded as one of the safest nose lift options in the world. The procedure is done under strict sterile conditions to make sure there is no risk of infection. The threads will also be inserted in such a way that no scarring is visible in any way. You will have some discomfort during the procedure, however, the local anaesthetic will keep you from feeling any pain. Some people prefer to have general anaesthesia which is also an option. Some redness or bruising may occur at first but this should pass quickly. For the most part, little or no side effects will occur after the Nose Threadlift procedure.

How Long does it Last?

The threads that were placed in your skin will normally dissolve within six months. However, the collagen that formed while they were there will support the new shape for more than double that time. Most often a Nose Threadlift procedure will last for 1 to 1.5 years of time. On the other hand, you do have the option to repeat the process within the six to twelve month period in order to hold the shape for longer. Every time you repeat the process, your year or more of time will reset. Based on this, even though a Nose Threadlift lasts for a lesser amount of time than a Nose Filler, repeated procedures will allow you to keep your new nose shape for as long as you desire.