Different Uses for Various Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures

Non-surgical facelift procedures are becoming more popular every year. When non-surgical facelift procedures were first invented, many were uninterested as the effects were far less and slower than surgical methods. In the modern day, nonsurgical facelifts are starting to catch up to surgical facelifts as they can achieve similar results over time and do not require any injections, incisions, or recovery time. The only question remaining is which of these procedures should you use given your circumstances. While we recommend that you discuss this question in detail with your professional doctor, here is a rundown of the various effects each of these non-surgical facelifts are capable of doing.

Thermage CPT

Thermage CPT is currently the most popular method, mainly because it can achieve the best variety of effects. It can be used on the face including the delicate areas around the eye, the neck, the arms, the buttocks, the thighs and the abdomen. The majority of loose skin over your whole body can be dealt with using this procedure. While this is a major advantage, the disadvantage of this particular procedure is that it has a number of potential side effects, including redness, swelling, blisters, and bumps. These side effects will last no longer than two weeks and will not affect the results.


Sygmalift can be used on any portion of your face, including your eyes to some degree. The use of three separate devices gives it an advantage when it comes to tightening the skin on your face. A few advantages of this procedure are that it also helps to reduce fat on your face, including a double-chin, it can be performed without any pain or discomfort, the devices used allow you to have specific skin areas targeted avoiding heating up your skin surface, and it has no side effects at all except a slight possibility of redness for an hour or so. This is one of the easiest and risk-free procedures in the world.


Titan is an effective procedure for treating loose skin around the abdomen area, under the chin, facial wrinkles, and sagging cheeks. The main advantage of the Titan procedure is that it is harmless to all no matter your age, gender, and skin condition. This is because Titan is focused on the skin underneath the surface, nullifying any danger it may have had to your epidermis. This procedure also has one of the quickest results and usually requires just a single treatment.


Ultherapy is highly popular as it uses ultrasound waves instead of lasers to treat the dermal skin layers. This procedure is popular because it requires a single 30-60 minute treatment with no downtime. The procedure is for facial skin tightening and has full results within six months. There are no side effects. Based on these brief descriptions you may now have a better idea of which procedure is best for you. Regardless, we still highly recommend getting a second opinion from your personal doctor to be sure you chose correctly.