Micro-BTX-A is multiple small doses of BTX-A Cosmetic injected into the dermal layer of the skin.

Effects of Micro-BTX-A

Visibly reduces pore size.
Reduces sebum / sweat production.
Helps to control and prevent acne by inhibiting P-factor, which causes inflammation.
Ease wrinkles / lines.
Subtle but noticeable “face-lift”.


Very small doses of BTX-A Cosmetic are injected superficially all over the face through very small 30G needles, which makes the whole process very bearable and comfortable, especially when numbing cream and ice packs are used to paralyze/desensitize the area prior to the procedure.

How long do the results last?

BTX-A Cosmetic can last up to four-six months, with follow-up and maintenance treatments two to three times a year. Additional treatments actually prolong the smoothening effects so that re-visits to your doctor gradually become less frequent.

Is it safe?

The answer is, yes, BTX-A Cosmetic injections are safe, if and only if they are the BTX-A Cosmetic brand manufactured by Allergan. Since its first use in 1989, no permanent side effects have been reported. Temporary side effects which are soreness and minor bruising may occur. Which is inevitable since it is an injection. These will not disrupt the patient’s schedules. The safety of the injections and the cosmetic result also depends on the physician’s skill and judgment. BTX-A Cosmetic must thus be administered by reliable physicians.