Important Things You Need to Know Before Having a Facelift

The facelift procedure is an amazing medical feat. The ability to take an aged face and rejuvenate it back to a more youthful stage is something that would have been considered wishful thinking a century ago. A facelift is a non-reversible procedure, however. Before someone should consider participating in this procedure, it would be highly beneficial to do some research. Fortunately for you, we’ve gone to the trouble of doing the research for you. Read on if you wish to learn a few questions and answers that you should be aware of before you undergo facelift treatment.

What is SMAS?

SMAS stands for Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System. This basically refers to the portion of your face and muscles for the purposes of a facelift. Depending on the condition of your face, as well as your age and bone structure, your SMAS may differ from someone else’s. This is important to know as that will be the location of your face that undergoes the most change.

How Do I Know if I am Eligible for a Facelift?

For the most part, anyone who wishes to remove facial fat or sagging skin from their face and neck is eligible for a facelift. The procedure is quite safe, however, the procedure is typically only performed on those who are healthy and do not have any major medical issues. If you are unwell, there is always the chance that your sickness could have an effect on your recovery after the procedure. Any medical condition would need to be checked beforehand to be absolutely certain that it would not have any negative effect on the facelift procedure.

How Long Does a Facelift Last?

A facelift typically lasts for between 7 and 10 years, but there are a few factors that can change this. Some of the more common factors are your age, drinking and smoking habits, as well as the condition of your skin prior to the procedure. Any of these factors could shorten the length of time that your facelift lasts. If you find that your facelift is starting to wear off, simply go back for a follow-up check and let the surgeons fix it for you.

Will a Facelift Remove All of my Wrinkles?

No, it will not. The facelift procedure is designed to make you look younger and less tired. It will remove the wrinkles on your lower face and some of your middle face. Your forehead and the area around your eyes will likely retain some lines, however. The number of wrinkles that remain will depend on the condition of your skin and your age at the time of the procedure.

How Long Will I Need to Recover?

For surgical facelift procedures, you will require a minimum of one or two weeks to recover. Your face will likely retain the scar lines from the surgical incisions for several more weeks, however. For non-surgical procedures, you will not need any time to recover at all. As soon as the procedure is complete, you can walk out and go about your day.