A facial shape is influenced by 3 factors: Muscles, Fats and Bone.

Enlargement of the jaw muscles is a common cause of a broad angular lower facial profile. Jaw muscles (masseters) enlarged when used excessively through chewing, grinding or clenching our teeth. Bruxism is a medical term given to the condition when we clench or grind our teeth excessively. This not only leads to a broader face but dental problems like fractured teeth.

Botulinum Toxin A ( BTX-A or Dysport) when injected into the masseters, relaxes them. Overtime, the muscles shrink in size leading to a slimmer more V-shaped jawline.

If the broad facial shape is due to bone, maxillofacial surgery might be the option or if it is due to fats, delicate facial liposuction is an option.

Double chin commonly refers to the bulge seen under the chin. The most common cause is age, where the skin looses its laxity. Through gravity, the skin sags, making any fats under the chin more prominent . There is also an actual increase in the amount of fats under the chin as we age.

Common treatment options are skin tightening procedures like Ulthera and Thermage, Dermalift with Dysport, Micro BTX-A or surgical options like liposuction of the fats under the chin.


We have different nasal profiles depending on our ethnicity and genes. In the not too distant past, before the advent of fillers, the only way we could improve our nasal shape and profile was through surgery. Nowadays , as an alternative to surgery, Fillers are commonly used to enhance nasal bridges or even correct minor irregularities in contour. We commonly use Voluma hyaluronic fillers which are more 3 dimensional and last up to 2 years.