Eye Area


Crows feet commonly refer to wrinkles around the eyes, (which form roughly the pattern of a crows feet, hence the name).

They form when the skin looses elasticity and collagen and the muscles around the eye become over active.

They are well reduced by BTX-A or procedures like Thermage Eyes which encourage the formation of new collagen and tightening of the skin.


Dark eye circles are a common complaint. They can be caused by skin pigmentary issues, and also by allergies . Conditions like nasal allergies make the vessels under the eye more congested and prominent, leading to dark eye circles.

However, the main cause is actually the loss of volume around the eye due to ageing. This creates a hollow trough that creates the illusion of darkening under the eyes.

Treatment options include lasers to lighten the skin tone, hyaluronic acid fillers to restore the loss of volume around the eyes and medication to control the allergies.


Eyebags are the outpouching of the skin just under the eyes. They can be transient like those due to water accumulation under the eye from allergies, excessive salt or positional ( like the way we sleep).

They can also be permanent. Permanent eye bags are usually caused by age when the structures around the eye weaken and sag thereby exposing the fat under the eye.

Treatments include alleviating allergies, limiting salt intake , having good sleeping habits, fillers or surgery. Fillers help by “blending “ and “masking “ the under eye fats that causes eyebags by restoring the vital malar (cheek) area volume. In surgery, the orbital fats that causes eyebag are either sucked out or repositioned.