MBBS (Dublin)

M.B B.Ch. B.A.O

Dr Magdalene Liau graduated from University College Dublin with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB BCh BAO).  She holds accreditations in various aesthetic procedures from the Aesthetic Dermatology Education Group and the Dermatological Society of Singapore. In addition, she has been awarded a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Liau makes it a point to stay on top of  advancements in the rapidly evolving field of aesthetics by attending relevant workshops and conferences. Dr Liau believes that a combination of BTX, injectable fillers and laser treatments can help individuals attain a more youthful appearance.  Her ideology in aesthetic medicine is ‘less is sometimes more’. This, in turn, would retain unique facial attributes while enhancing their intrinsic beauty. More importantly, Dr Liau is mindful of her patients’ needs and genuinely listens to their concerns.

Dr Liau has a particular interest in weight management and fat loss. As a firm advocate of total body wellness, she believes that aesthetic treatments are most beneficial when combined with healthy lifestyle habits. Being an avid fitness enthusiast herself, she was invited to write an article for the Singapore Medical Association (April 2016 issue) sharing her fitness journey – giving a voice to those who may find it hard to live an active lifestyle outside their jobs.  She went on to attain the Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification by the American Council on Exercise. Known for her sincere approach, Dr Liau is always happy to share her knowledge and provide honest advice on weight / fat loss. Outside her practice, Dr Liau is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys heart-pounding, sweat-dripping workouts. In particular, she loves Muay Thai and trains with someone who has lived and fought in Thailand.  She finds that Muay Thai is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that burns plenty of calories and is also a fantastic stress-reliever.