Chelsea_Clinic_20150110_Copyright_RhysNgo_192MBBS (S’pore), MMed (Family Medicine), MCFPS, Dip. FP Dermatology

Dr Charlotte Yung graduated from National University of Singapore in 1985 and did her post graduate degree in Family Medicine. She is a registered family physician and strongly believes in the philosophy of treating patients in the context of the person, family and the community that they live in.

She strives to practice patient centered care based on scientific evidence and a good doctor-patient relationship. As a family physician, Dr Yung is concerned not only with the acute or chronic medical problems that a person has, but also focuses on keeping the person well, healthy and functioning. Therefore disease prevention through health screening and counseling on diet, exercise and weight management are all part of Dr Yung’s practice.

Dr Yung has a special interest in dermatology and it was through this that she developed her aesthetic practice because many of her patients approached her to treat their wrinkles, saggy skin, acne and pigmentation problems. When IPL, lasers and improved skin treatments came on the scene, she decided to use them on her patients so that they could get better results. She derives great pleasure when patients are satisfied and happy with their treatment.

Dr Yung also trained as a lactation consultant and was certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultants in 1993. She continues to be an advocate of breastfeeding because of the enhanced health and psychological benefits for both the mother and child. She provides treatment of breastfeeding problems in her clinic.

Dr Yung practices full time at the Rochester Mall branch of The Chelsea Clinic, the newest clinic in the Chelsea Group which is located in the leafy, lifestyle hub of Rochester Park. (Off North Buona Vista Road).