Coolsculpting Vs Emsculpt

CoolSculpting VS EmSculpt

Different body contouring treatments have been populating the market for years. While “all bodies are beautiful as is”, a little feel-good aid can help to perk one’s confidence. CoolSculpting is another popular non-surgical- fat reduction treatment here at The Chelsea Clinic, and a household name in Singapore. However, when compared to EmSculpt in Singapore, these two are actually very different.

The Science Behind It

The main difference here has to do with fat cells and muscles. EmSculpt uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the muscles and firm up the body. The energy in each 30-minute session induces approximately 20,000 supramaximal contraction. These contractions stir up rapid metabolism reaction on fat cells to both strengthen muscles and burn fats without damaging surrounding tissues. On the other hand, CoolSculpting uses a device to freeze the subdermal fat cells, which damages these cells beyond repair. This is also known as cryolipolysis. After 8-12 weeks, the damaged fat cells are eliminated through the body’s natural elimination process. CoolSculpting is typical for more fat loss and EmSculpt is more for muscle toning.  In addition, people of all sizes can use CoolSculpting, whereas EmSculpt is best for people who are active, have a lower BMI and are already at their ideal body weight.


EmSculpt is said to remove up to 19% of fat in the treatment area and at the same time increase muscle mass by 16%. CoolSculpting offers up to 23% fat reduction 3 months after a single session.

Treatment Areas

EmSculpt is FDA-approved for only abdomen and buttocks as of present. CoolSculpting offers multiple, changeable applicators to treat body areas including double chin, inner thighs, abdomen and arms.

Treatment Upkeep

The recommended frequency for EmSculpt in Singapore is four 30-minutes sessions within two weeks. Tangible results can be expected between 2-4 weeks after the fourth session. Patients who undergo the procedure must keep up with the treatments every six months or so. Of course to maintain results, one’s diet should be controlled to prevent the fat cells from reappearing.

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Both CoolSculpt and EmSculpt in Singapore share the similarity being non-invasive fat-loss treatments with no downtime (apart from slight soreness) and quick treatment time. Patients will be able to go back to their busy day after the treatment. As safety is always a major concern, both treatments are also FDA-approved. CoolSculpting has been available for over 5 years while EmSculpt was proven to be safe over 2 years by 7 clinical trials before being released to the public in 2018.


All in all, Emsculpt in Singapore should not be used as an alternative to CoolSculpting, as the two offer completely different results. In fact, EmSculpt can be a great follow-up treatment to CoolSculpting once the fat has been removed.  Beyond waistline reduction and elimination of fat cells, EmSculpt directly addresses fat and muscle tone. If you are not sure if this treatment is right for you, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our experienced doctors at The Chelsea Clinic who can help you create body contouring plan customised to your needs.

CoolSculpting costs $399/applicator while EmSculpt in Singapore goes from $750/session. All CoolSculpt and EmSculpt machine prices are nett.