Cellulite is a term used to describe the surface irregularities of the skin commonly found on the thigh and buttock area. The term “orange peel” is commonly used to describe the appearance. The cause is thought to be multi-factorial and it occurs usually in women only , so a hormonal cause is probable.

Thermage Body helps to improve the skin texture through the use of radio-frequency waves.


Even people who have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and are not over weight can complain of unsightly bulges that no matter how much exercise and dieting they do, they cant seem to get rid off.

Liposonix and Coolsculpting by Zeltiq are 2 non-invasive procedures that help in localised fat reduction. Usually 20-30% of fats in a particular area can be removed after one session. Results are seen in 6-8 weeks after treatment.

Interesting facts on fat cells: Usually we have a fixed number of fat cells by the age of puberty. How we actually appear fatter is when each fat cell swells up to many times its size from the accumulation of fatty deposits. It is NOT an increase in the actual number of fat cells.

The above treatments work by destroying a population of fat cells each time it is administered.


A common result of pregnancy is loose skin and stretch marks around the abdominal area due to excessive stretching of the skin.

Thermage Body is a suitable treatment for this. Using radio-frequency, skin laxity and texture can be improved over 6 months.