Several Methods Used to Avoid Acne Scarring

Acne is annoying enough on its own, but when it forms a permanent scar right in the centre of your forehead for everyone to see it’s even more annoying. There are a number of methods to remove acne scars nowadays, fortunately. However, the best way to deal with acne scarring is to never get it in the first place. Prevention is the best cure for all ailments; this includes acne scarring. There are numerous ways to avoid scarring, the most obvious being to keep your hands of your acne. We all know that we can’t resist the urge to pop those pimples though, do we not? Assuming you are like most of us and you just cannot help it, here are a few popular methods to avoid acne scarring.

Treating the Acne Early

Obviously, the best way to avoid getting a scar is to treat the acne before it becomes an issue. The longer you leave your acne to fester and spread, the worse it will become. Acne begins as mild acne with an almost non-existent chance of scarring. If you treat it at this time, you are very unlikely to get a scar. Eventually, your acne will become more serious until it reaches the point where it becomes cystic acne. This kind of acne has a very high chance of scarring and should be dealt with by your dermatologist. The best thing you can do is make sure it never gets that far along.

Using on-the-spot Treatment Before the Acne Even Forms

When you notice that your pores are blocking up or you can see the beginnings of a pimple forming, you can use a spot treatment to take care of it before it is even there. For an effective spot, treatment makes sure it contains at least one of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulphur. Spot treatments without at least one of these components tend to be ineffective.

Acne Prevention Medication

There are a number of medications that are designed to keep acne from forming at all. Medications such as Aczone, Epiduo, and Onexton are quite effective, but there are many oral medications that can do the trick too. We recommend talking with your dermatologist about what medication to use based on your personal skin complexion and health.

Cortisone for Cystic Outbreaks

This is your worst case scenario treatment. If you’ve tried everything but your acne still broke out into a cyst, do not attempt to treat it yourself. Cysts are incredibly likely to cause a scar, especially when you try and deal with them unprofessionally. If you do get cystic acne, go straight to your dermatologist and ask their recommendation. The most common solution that a dermatologist will come up with will be a shot of cortisone. Cortisone will quickly reduce inflammation as well as lower the risk of scarring. The cortisone shot will help to reduce the size of your cyst and because the cyst will be less inflamed it will also limit your natural instinct to try and pop it.