Acne Scars Treatments

Treatments Offered at Chelsea Clinic

The Chelsea Clinic is the place people go to have swift, easy treatments with positive results. We have a number of treatments to help make your skin clean, bright, and youthful. Some of our popular methods are lasers. We offer many different laser procedures, but we have selected three to discuss in detail. If you wish to learn more about these methods and perhaps which one would suit your skin, then please continue.

Carbon Peel Laser

The Carbon Peel Laser is a simple yet effective laser treatment. Requiring nothing more than a carbon-laced mask and a specially designed laser, within just a few minutes, your skin can be clear of a multitude of unwanted debris and pigments. The carbon is absorbed into your skin, combining with the debris in your pores. After this, the laser is fired onto the treatment area and destroys the carbon particles. Since the carbon has mixed with the debris, it is destroyed as well, leaving your pores clear and healthy. As well as cleaning up your pores, this treatment will also increase collagen production in your cells causing your skin to tighten. It also destroys dead cells, clearing up your skin even more. Upon completion, you will notice that your skin is smooth and less oily compared to before. There is no downtime to this procedure, allowing you to go about your business as soon as you are done.

Picosure Laser

The Picosure Laser is capable of targeting individual pigments and breaking them into smaller fragments. The laser is fired a multitude of times at specific locations until all the unwanted pigments are reduced to small enough fragments. Once complete, the fragments will be removed naturally by the body. This procedure is capable of removing almost any pigment from your skin, including tattoos and scars. After the treatment, you may experience redness for a few hours. This will dissipate naturally and should not alarm you at all. The treatment does not directly affect the surface of your skin, meaning that anyone can use it, no matter their skin type.

Gold Toning Laser

The success and accuracy of this treatment have attracted the attention of many professionals. Instead of targeting and destroying unwanted cells, like most lasers, this laser will target and renew the cell back to a healthy state. The laser will convert damaged or negatively affected cells into healthy cells. Because of this instant cell renewal, not only does the Gold Toning Laser effectively remove unwanted pigment and debris, it also keeps your skin clean and pigment-free for far longer than the average laser. The Gold Toning Laser is an acne scar treatment that effectively promotes the renewal of cells, therefore reducing the appearance of acne scars. Subcision treat acne scars, however it is a minimally-invasive treatment as compared to the Gold Toning Laser, which is non-invasive. The treatment can be accomplished within 20 minutes and has no side effects or downtime at all.

While these are only three of our popular laser treatments, we welcome anyone to our clinic to see them for yourself and perhaps have a discussion with one of our professionals about which treatment would be best for you. Ultimately, doing just laser treatments alone is not an acne scar solution and does not ensure acne scar removal. A combination of laser treatment for acne scars and skincare maintenance will be required!

There can be a variety of acne treatment in Singapore so do ensure to find one that suits your skin type. If you are unsure on what works for you, our doctors will be glad to help you out!