Carbon Laser Peel

The Carbon Laser Peel treatment is a laser resurfacing procedure for enhancing the skin’s radiance and promoting a smooth, glowing complexion. It helps to reduce imperfections like enlarged pores that originate from the outer skin layer.

  • Pore related problems
  • Oily skin
  • Dull complexion

How does it work?

Laser is a single wavelength of light that is concentrated into an intense beam of energy. When irradiated on the skin, the laser light energy is absorbed by skin pigment and converted to heat energy.

When a thin layer of carbon is spread over the skin, the laser beam is absorbed by the black carbon particles. The beam is thus focused on the epidermis. A gentle vacuum removes the carbon particles as the laser moves across the face.

Throughout the procedure, skin pores are simultaneously minimized. Due to the thermal effect, the growth of collagen increases while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin and purge skin pores.

What improvements will you see?

  • Reduction in pore size. This therapy works effectively even on difficult areas like the nose.
  • Increased skin renewal.
  • Improved radiance.
  • More even skin tone and texture.
  • It is suitable for all skin types except cases of serious acne outbreaks. For such conditions, IPL, laser or skin peels may be advised.

How does the Carbon Laser Peel feel?

The treatment is comfortable and only a minor sensation similar to pins and needles is felt.

Is there any downtime?

Carbon Laser Peel is a quick and convenient procedure with minimal downtime. Skin is much clearer and more radiant immediately after the treatment and the patient can resume normal activities immediately.

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